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Urgent Care Wants Nearly a Thousand Dollars for a Visit! – Diane


“Dear Steve, Our daughter has been having a chronic urinary track infection since the age of 3. Now at the age of 10 and dealing with the constant bed-wetting as well as the horrible smell that gets everyone (and not to mention her fragile tween self-esteem), I put my foot down at our normal pediatrician’s office. He agreed that it ... Read More »

    I’m Stuck With Medical Bills I Can’t Pay. – Tara

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    “Dear Steve, Husband had emergency hand surgery in 2007 after cutting the tendon with a knife. Entered through the emergency room. Surgery performed in the emergency room. Insurrance covered hospital bill. went for follow ups with the surgeon. At a follow up appointment, husband complained that the stiches felt tight, so Dr. cut him open in the office and fixed ... Read More »

      How Can I Get My Hospital Payments to Improve My Credit Report? – Sasha

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      Sasha “Dear Steve, I just found out about 4 months ago that i owed on hospital bills that i thought was taken care of. I contacted the creditor as soon as i found out and since my income was low the hospital agreed to write off a big portion. But I am paying on the remaining portion for 4 months ... Read More »

        Where Can I Get a List of All the Medical Bills I Owe? – S

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        S “Dear Steve, I know I have a lot of old medical bills, but I admit that I have not been very organized and no longer have copies of the bills. I am trying now to pay off all debts. Is there a website or place I can contact to get a complete list of all the medical bills that ... Read More »

          I Was in an Accident on a Military Base and Owe the Military Hospital $15,000. – Priscilla

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          Priscilla “Dear Steve, I’ve always workd ed but about 3 years ago I lost my job and been struggling financially. I’ve worked dead end jobs since then but can ‘t seem to get out of the rut I’m in. About 3 years ago I was involved in a accident (personal) I was taken to a hospital on a military base, ... Read More »

            Negotiate With Your Doctor For Cheaper Medical Care

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            I’ve noticed that doctors have been doing more negotiating on the cost of services. My daughter went to a local doctor that offered to knock 40% off the cost of the visit if she paid in advance for the office visit. The other day I noticed that the local urgent care place now offers up to 30% off for bills ... Read More »

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