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Lifesaving Flights Can Come With Life-Changing Bills


Butte is an old mining town, tucked away in the southwest corner of Montana with a population of about 34,000. Locals enjoy many things you can’t find elsewhere — campgrounds a quick drive from downtown and gorgeous mountain ranges nearby. But in Butte, as in much of rural America, advanced medical care is absent. People in Butte who experience serious ... Read More »

    For Nonprofit Hospitals Who Sue Patients, New Rules


    by Paul Kiel ProPublica, Jan. 15, 2015, 10:33 a.m. Last month, ProPublica and NPR detailed how one nonprofit hospital in Missouri sued thousands of lower income workers who couldn’t pay their bills, then seized their wages, all while enjoying a big break on its taxes. Since then, the IRS has released long-awaited rules designed to address such aggressive debt collection ... Read More »

      A Million Consumers Victims of GE CareCredit. Refunds to Follow.


      The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has taken action against GE Capital Retail Bank for allegedly taking advantage of consumers through their medical debt financing program. Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is ordering GE Capital Retail Bank and its subsidiary, CareCredit, to refund up to $34.1 million to potentially more than 1 million consumers who were victims of deceptive ... Read More »

        I’m a Diabetic and Medical Debt is Dragging Me Down


        “Dear Steve, I have been diabetic since the age of 5 or 6 and not able to work but get a disablity ckeck I am 34 yrs now. 20 yrs ago I was in hospital and a 20k dollar bill has turned into close to 80k dollars. Please help me what should I do??? I DONT OWN ANYTHING AND LIVE ... Read More »

          I Was Hospitalized Without Insurance and Can’t Afford It. – Abril


          “Dear Steve, I am in so much debt and I have tried everything I could possibly think of but nothing is working. Please tell me what to do! Here’s my story. I’m a 20 y/o college student. A year ago (Feb. 2012) I got very very sick. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital quite literally fighting for my life. ... Read More »

            An 18 Year Old Hospital Debt Has Surfaced and NCO is Trying to Collect. – Ruth


            “Dear Steve, I was hospitalized at a metro Atlanta hospital September, 1995. I did have a balance that my insurance carrier did not pay. The hospital had a “forgiveness policy” which was awarded to me. Now some 18years later NCO Financial Systems is trying to collect. How do I proceed. They to not understand. This hospital closed at least 15 ... Read More »

              My New Husband Says Bankruptcy is Out of The Question. He’s Against It. – Susan


              “Dear Steve, I have credit card debt of about $12,000 on top of my student loans which total about $22,000. I am not proud of the situation I am in. Living on my own and going to school (and being young and dumb) I used credit cards to get by and now they seem like they are never going anywhere. ... Read More »

                How Do I Deal With My Old Debt I Owe? – Sarah

                "Credit rating" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

                “Dear Steve, I am looking to improve my credit score which is around 600 now. I currently have a judgement against me that I am working to settle on, but I have credit card and medical debt that is also hurting my credit. Some of my debt is over 7 years old, and I am going to write the credit ... Read More »

                  Debt is the Symptom, Not the Problem

                  The stomach ache is the symptom, not the problem. What is causing the stomach ache?

                  Now here is a point many in the debt world get totally wrong. They assume that the debt someone has is the problem. That’s not true. In fact the debt is the byproduct of another event and like losing partial vision in one eye, it’s the symptom of a greater underlying issue. If the focus is on the debt itself ... Read More »

                    How Do I Get My Wife Removed From Our Judgment?

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, My wife and I were married in Kansas . The next year I became sick and went to the hospital the bill was way beyond our ability to pay. A judgement has been placed in both our names. She did not sign any document with the hospital that states that she was liable to pay the bill. I ... Read More »

                      Unemployed After Three Surgeries and Facing a Garnishment of Husband’s Pay. – DeAnna

                      Ready to Collapse

                      “Dear Steve, i live in california i am un-employed due to medical problems i have had three major surgeries in a two year span my husband is our only source of income, we currently had a collection agency inform us they will be taking us to court to garnish wages unless we pay 6131.00 in full. we do not have ... Read More »

                        I can’t pay all the medical debt I have. Help. – Tracy

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                        Pretty much the only things on my credit is Medical Debt. My score is very low because of this. I cant possibly pay for all the medical debt I have. I went without health insurance for awhile so there is debt from that when I had to go to the hospital for different problems. Also when I had health insurance, ... Read More »

                          Continuing to dispute old medical debt insurance was supposed to pay. – Leilani

                          Ready to Collapse

                          Back in 2003 a family member had a sleep study and the clinic staff assured him it would be covered by our insurance. They requested a second study and we once again were assured by billing staff that it would be covered. He stated that he would not have it unless it was covered. When all was said and done ... Read More »

                            What Do We Do About a Dental Debt for My Full Time Student / Son

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                            Q: My son had is wisdom teeth removed a couple months back, he is 19 and full time college student. Well insurance did not cover what we thought it would and now there is a $1200 balance due. They are calling him stating they are going to send him to collections as he is an adult. I realize the easy ... Read More »

                              Medical Reasons Led to a Reduction in Income. Should We Settle our Debt? – Roger

                              “Dear Damon, My wife retired early due to medical reasons last year. My hours have been reduced at work. Our total incomer has dropped by 30%. We are now in the process of short selling our house. We also have credit card debt of $50,000. I have been told that my credit score of 750 will take a hit, but ... Read More »

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