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Am I Responsible for My Late Husband’s Medical Bills? – Kathy

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“Dear Steve, I am paying medical bills for my late husband because he was on my policy at the time. Although we were divorced at the time of his death, I was told that I am responsible for paying. I have now come to the point where I cannot afford it. Everything has been cut to the bone for years: ... Read More »

    Small Medical Debts Screw Up Credit Score and Damage Credit Report

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    The Wall Street Journal is reporting a story about how small unknown medical debts can lead to big problems and a lot of expenses for especially those trying to get a mortgage or refinance. Otherwise well-qualified borrowers with good loan-to-value ratios and steady employment are increasingly finding it difficult to refinance because of medical billing mistakes marring their credit, say ... Read More »

      I Need to File Bankruptcy Again on My Medical Debt. – Chris

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      Before May of 2009 I NEVER had anything late, no credit cards, no car payment no utilities late! But on May 2, 2009 my son was a passenger in a horrible car accident where I had to stay in the hospital with my son for over 53 days and EVERYTHING fell behind in July, 2009 since then, it seems like ... Read More »

        The Only Thing I Got Out of Our Short Marriage Was His Debt. – Sabrina

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        “Dear Steve, Married 2/09, Surgery 4/09, Separated 9/09, Divorced 8/10 My husband had surgery right after we married. We are now divorced, and he has not paid a penny on any of the bills for the surgery. Collection agencies have been coming after me. In my divorce, it states that he is responsible for a specific collection (that is now ... Read More »

          I’m in Terrible Debt From My Cancer Treatment. – Mitzi

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          “Dear Steve, I am in horrible debt right now due to cancer treatment and how it has affected my job. I am self employed, and have fallen behind in my credit card payments as well as my mortgage and income tax. I am down to $100 in my bank account and have no credit. I am not sure if I ... Read More »

            Financial Concerns for People With AIDS/HIV

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            A diagnosis of HIV or AIDS will change your life. You may spend much of your time thinking about life and death and your own mortality. You might be trying to hold onto a job, if your health will allow it. You may be wondering who to tell — and who to turn to for support. You might be running ... Read More »

              Is It True That If I Send $1 a Month The Creditors Will Leave Me Alone? – Shanna

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              “Dear Steve, I debate politics a lot with friends and even complete strangers. More than once someone has insisted that “If you just pay $1 a month they have to accept it and they can’t send you to collections and it will have no negative impact on your credit score.” Usually it is in regards to medical debt. In fact, ... Read More »

                We Are Good Country Folk Trying to Build Our Credit. – Rebecca

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                “Dear Steve, Everything bad on our credit report is major medicals; & we can’t pay on them right now. Nothing else – we’re simple country folk. We’ve had a 23% interest car loan for 2 years – we’ve been good on, (have a year to go); & a $300 secured Visa with our local bank for 1 year – we’re ... Read More »

                  I’m Trying to Get Rid of Medical Debts. – Kim

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                  “Dear Steve, Hi, I recently been trying to raise my credit score. I have fair credit; my issue is getting rid of medical bills that’s my main issue. iI am 41 yo and my debt is $7,000 in 95% being medical. Can you help me sort this out? Thank You. Kim” The Answer   Dear Kim, The best way to ... Read More »

                    My Son Has Chron’s Disease And is Struggling With Debt. – DD

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                    DD “Hi Steve, My son and his wife are having alot of probelms. My son, can’t work for awhile do to his health, He has Crohn’s diesease and a seizure disorder. They do have a condo, which is an interest only deal…My question is, they have $5000 on credit cards, and they plan to pay it with savings. He will ... Read More »

                      How Can I Get Out of Debt? – Chris

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                      “Dear Steve, I have about $2,000 in medical debt and about $1500 in other debts , wondering how i can get out? Chris” Read More »

                        Recently Divorced Mother of Three Has Credit Card, Medical and School Debt. – Gail

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                        “Dear Steve, Recently divorced mother of 3. I still have a great deal of credit card, medical and school debt. I am only working part time and would really like to begin making some type of payments to my creditors no matter how small until my emploument situation emproves. Should I contact each of my creditors and how do I ... Read More »

                          Holy, Divorced, Disabled and Desperately in Debt

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                          Holy “Dear Steve, I am a divorced 56 year old woman who suffered an injury as a teacher in a public school in May, 2000. I now suffer with a severe and permanent chronic pain condition (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). Social Security refused me any disability (chronic, debilitating pain is not considered disabling) and due to the struggles I’ve experienced throughout ... Read More »

                            Disjointed Use of Your Credit Score Can Leave You Unemployed or Dead

                            Medical Debt

                            I’m afraid that your credit score is being used in all the wrong ways for all the wrong reasons. The credit score was originally designed as an easy way for lenders to identify which potential customers would be low risk and high profit acquisitions. Using a credit score to screen new customers allows lenders to approve or reject your application ... Read More »

                              Shellie Had Cancer And Is Now Slowly Dying From Terminal Debt

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                              Shellie “Dear Steve, I had cancer and a lot of complications with it, at the same time my youngest son had lung surgery. I don’t have any other outstanding bills other that medical. Even with insurance i still owe about 6 or 7 thousand dollers in medical bills. I am getting disability but it isn’t much. My husband works but ... Read More »

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