How Did My Medical School Loan Debt Get So Big?

Question: Dear Steve, I took out loans for medical school. When I was graduated they totaled approximately $88k. I deferred during school then had forebearance during my 6.5 yr residency. By the time I started paying, my loans totaled $220k. I have been making my payments for 13 years and I still owe $160k. My … Read more

I Went to Medical School, Struggling to Become a Doctor and in $250K of Student Loan Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I have a student loan that exceeds 240K. I accrued that loan by going to medical school, unfortunately I have not been able to pass my boards and as a result I have not been able to apply for residency. In the meantime, I am having to work and study and with … Read more

I’ve Been Kicked Out of Medical School With All My Debt But No Degree. – AJ

“Dear Steve, I was admitted in to a medical school and it has been a hard time for me because family and personal issues beyond my control has taken place. My school is currently under a lot of scrutiny and investigation. This year, there were a tremendous number of extenuating circumstances and even though my … Read more

I Am a Doctor in Private Practice With a Lot of Student Loan Debt. – Grace

I am a doctor who has a solo practice. I was married right out of one year after i was practicing blended situation. Now we are having marrital problem. I had been paying interest only for 12 years times 376.41 equal 54203.04 I have already paied my loan once I now have a balance of … Read more

My Medical School Debt is Killing Me. – Lorraine

“Dear Steve, I recently read about a medical student who was seven years post grad, and her student debt ballooned from 250,000 to >550,000. I am currently a medical student paying the max of what is available as I attend a private, expensive school. I tried to avoid this in advance, but was not accepted … Read more