I’m Being Chased by AAFES and Military Star Card for a Debt I Paid – Brandon

Question: Dear Steve, In 2010, I opened a Military Star Card account with AAFES. I soon slipped into default after losing my job, and I was forced to go on disability (both Social Security and VA). We received notices from Star Card, but could not do anything about it. A year or so later, they …

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Is the AAFES Military Star Credit Card Screwing Over Veterans?

Ashley Woods wrote to me and expressed grave concern about a situation she ran into with an AAFES Military Star credit card she owed. It’s one thing to have a balance due but it’s quite another when the collection company appears to just make up what you owe. Ashley she was contacted by Transworld Systems …

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Military Star Card / Military Star Rewards MasterCard / AAFES Card- What You Need to Know First

The Military Star Card is a credit card that is marketed and promoted to military personnel. In the past it was known as the AAFES card as well. This card is limited to use at military Exchange stores or through the Exchange website. Only people who are active duty military, military retirees, reservists, National Guard …

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