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Debt Settlement Companies Being Investigated by State of Kansas

Kansas is cracking down on the sales and service of debt settlement services. While tight lipped about who they are specifically investigating, Kevin Glendening, the Deputy Banking Director, has confirmed his office is investigating debt settlement companies. Glendening says, “Companies that I think consumers should avoid are a lot of the ones that you see advertised on the late night ... Read More »

    I Can’t Afford My Money Management International Payment. – Ro

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    “Dear Steve, I have been enrolloed in the program for about one year and have been current with payment thus far. However, my early income has not been reduced by 60% and am concerned about keeping up with the monthly payments in addition to all of my other living expenses. Not sure it can be done. What are my options? ... Read More »

      Should I Go With the Money Management International Program or Bankruptcy? – Tom

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      “Dear Steve, Self employed. Lost 50% of income and owe $42,000 in credit card debt. MMI (Money Management International) says I qualify for their program and estimate a monthly payment of about $900. With business so unpredictable I am hesitant to start with them as the very first payment will be a stretch. Gut feeling is it will fail and ... Read More »

        Kentucky Signs Into Law New Tough Debt Adjusting Law That Regulates Debt Settlement Companies and Others

        Kentucky Debt Adjusting Fees

        I’ll admit I’m a bit late with this news but on April 13, 2010 Kentucky signed into law a new tough set of rules that regulate credit counseling, debt settlement and foreclosure assistance. FRANKFORT, Ky. — Gov. Steve Beshear was joined today by Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway as he signed into law HB 166, a consumer protection bill that ... Read More »

          I Owe American Express and I Am About to Start a Debt Repayment Plan With Money Management International. – Shelley

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          Shelley “Dear Steve, I have about $26,000 in credit card debt and am about to start a plan with Money Management International. The question I have is about the American Express account, which is about $12,000. Over the last year, iIt has bounced from 2 collection agencies to a law firm, Mann-Bracken. I am never able to make the $300 ... Read More »

            Can Money Management International Cut My Credit Card payments By 40%? – Richie

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            “Dear Steve, My bills are about $800 to $1000.00 short per month. I’ve stopped using my credit cards to pay bills. I’ve cut spending drastically. I’ve spoken to some of my credit cards and they have done some rate reduction and structured payments but it is still not enough. I still come up short. Between my wife and I the ... Read More »

              I Can’t Afford the Payment I Was Quoted by Money Management International. – Carrie

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              “Dear Steve, We got into credit card debt because of a move and no job for one year. We now owe 22K in debt. I want to become debt free in 4-5 years not 30 years. I am able to afford the monthly payment I was quoted by Money Management just unsure if this is the right decision I want ... Read More »

                I Signed Up With Money Management International and Now I Have Bad Credit. – Anna

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                “Dear Steve, About six months ago I signed up for Money Management Internationals Debt Management Program. I pay about a thousand dollars a month and my debt will be paid off in 30 months. I recently saw my credit report and found that because of MMI there have been 12 late payments on my report since I signed up with ... Read More »

                  Should I Go With the Credit Counseling Group or Do It on My Own? – Shannon

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                  “Dear Steve, I have a 20,000 in credit card debt, citi bank & chase. My Interest rates aren’t so bad about 5% and monthly payments are $153.00 for chase and citi is $173.00. I am ok with paying the monthly minimum amounts and most times I send a teeny bit more – $10-$20. What bothers me the most is that ... Read More »

                    Do You Think I Should Enroll in the MMI DMP Program? – Cindy

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                    “Dear Steve, I have been contemplating enrolling in MMI’s DMP. We have have a pretty good credit rating of 736 and are able to make ends meet. We make around 130k and own our home. Our credit card debt is about 50k. The problem we are having is that all of our credit cards have jacked up their interest rates ... Read More »

                      My Creditor Said I Should Go With Money Management International. – Stephen

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                      “Dear Steve, I recently contacted one of my creditors to ask for options on how I might pay back my debt in a timely manner and they suggested using Money Management International. I was given a plan on paying back my debt but wanted to know if this is a safe way to go. Stephen” Dear Stephen, Before I can ... Read More »

                        Is Money Management International a Reputable CCCS Company? – Dawn

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                        Dawn “Dear Steve, My husband’s income has dropped by about 60%. We’re having a difficult time making ends meet. We have a forebearance plan right now with our mortgage lender. We have about $35,000 in credit card and medical bill debt. We’ve fallen behind on most of our cards by over 30 days and they have increased our interest rate ... Read More »

                          Are the Money Management International Fees Reasonable? – Maria

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                          “Dear Steve, We are in debt for about $55,000. I am behind on 3 of the credit cards. I contacted MMI and they can do a payment plan that is about 1045.00 a month. They charge a 50.00 set up fee and 40.00 a month, are these reasonable fees? I am getting farther and farther behind on the debt. I ... Read More »

                            Money Management international Gave Me a Monthly Payment That is Too High For Me. – Valeria

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                            Valeria “Dear Steve, After reading your section on completion rate, I am terrified of consolidating my loans. Sounds like you are happier with bankruptcy and I don’t think I need to go that route. I am about $50 thousand in debt. I can no longer make payments on one of my credit cards in order to get gas and groceries. ... Read More »

                              Will Money Management International Pay My Creditors? – Pat

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                              “Hi Steve, Read many of your comments and glad that you are here to help us. I owe about $45,000.00 in credit card debts. None are late but I would like to pay them off in 4 to 5 years instead of forever. I have contacted MMI and they have offer the DMP at $1037/ mo until 2014. I can ... Read More »

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