Can I Get Rid of My Mortgage in Bankruptcy and Keep My House? – Kim

“Dear Steve, I am a single mom of three who teaches for a living. Teachers have not had a pay raise in 5 years but interest and living expenses continue to rise. I am trying very hard to pay all of my debt but it seems like something comes up all of the time that … Read more

Can I Keep My House But Discharge My Mortgage in Bankruptcy?

“Dear Steve, I have $38,000.00 in credit card debt. I lost two jobs during the recession and took early social security at age 62 to survive. I barely pay the mortgage and necessary bills. I stopped paying all credit cards about three or so months ago. My house is approx $125,000. underwater. Because I got … Read more

My Wife Filed Bankruptcy and Included Mortgage and Home Equity Loan. – Stan

“Dear Steve, My wife filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I have a 1st mortgage and a home equity loan from the same bank. Both are showing as discharged on my credit report since neither were reaffirmed. What happens if we stop paying the 2nd? Do we have to pay it off or will their be … Read more