Should I pay for a home modification from My Home Advocate?

We are about to pay for our loan modification to Tami Steffan at My Home Advocate. The confusing thing is that they seem so on the up & up but when I ask or read about them I am even more confused. They don’t have too many complaints so that leads me to believe they … Read more

Should I Do Business With My Homeowners Advocate / – David

“Dear Steve, I am in terrible financial situation. I have 4 credit cards and they are almost maxed out. Two of them from 2 credit unions and 2 from American Express. I can’t seem to pay them off or try to get the creditors to lower the interest rate. The highest rate is 17% ( … Read more

My Home Owners Advocate HOLAM – Consumer Complaint 10-10-2011

Date This Problem Happened: October 10, 2011 State You Live in: California Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,995 Company Name: My Home Owners Advocate Company Address: 5935 Cornerstone Court Suite 250 San Diego, California 92121 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: I paid My home owners advocate $3995.00 they then turned me … Read more

Something Seems Fishy About My Homeowners Advocate and Impact Debt Settlement. – Josh

“Dear Steve, I recently ran into this loan modification company and wanted some help researching them. Something just doesnt seem right here. The companies website is It appears Sean Horan owns the business from what the BBB has here They have an F Rating Its odd that this Loan Modifcation company is located … Read more