I Was Sold Litigation Practice Group Through National Debt Relief. How Stupid Am I?

I Was Sold Litigation Practice Group Through National Debt Relief

Question: Dear Steve, I was contacted by a company for National Debt Relief Program. After answering too many questions, I found out the company is Law Office called Litigation Practice Group, and the attorney is Dan March. They are offering me a plan for 48 months at $252.00 a month for my $16,000 Credit Card …

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Credit Card Debt and Age: What Happens When Seniors Can No Longer Pay Their Debt? A New Look

By Eric Olsen, Attorney and Executive Director HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm Many seniors with credit card debt can’t afford to search for solutions. They see an ad on TV or search the internet and turn to a debt relief company for help. There are scores of these companies with fancy websites, BBB, and A+ ratings …

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WSJ Article Slays Debt Settlement Companies Using Personal Loan Offers to Bait and Switch

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article “That Offer to Make You Debt-Free? It Can Make You Worse Off.” I’ve long been critical that some personal loan offers being mailed to consumers are potentially a bait-and-switch tool to tell people they don’t qualify for a loan and instead are switched to an expensive debt …

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Robert Gitmeid Law – Consumer Complaint – July 22, 2019

Consumer Statement: Going with your previous articles about Daniel Tilipman and National Debt Relief, I found out my father has been paying them thousands and still got sued. Did some digging because I’m a internet marketing nerd and seems as if NDR and Robert Gitmeid have a large network of fake 3rd party review websites. …

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