Bogus National Debt Relief Hardship Program Mailer Still Being Sent

First off I would like to applaud the debt relief company that sent me in this mailer. Good debt relief companies that care about consumers and who want to play a role is stamping out bogus advertising that hurt the entire industry, can play a role by forwarding material to me at click here. I’ve … Read more

I Might Have Fallen for the National Debt Relief Hardship Program. – Pam

I received a letter much like what Ive seen here on your website. I may have gone too far with them and given them too much info. Especially if they are a tricky collection scam. Not sure how to proceed. I have fallen behind in my credit card payments for one card do to an … Read more

I’m a Teacher and Have to Go to the Food Pantry. – Andrea

“Dear Steve, I am a teacher and I make a decent salary. My problem is that I have gotten into a lot of debt through credit cards. It has gotten to the point where I have to choose what bills to pay in a given month. I even went to food pantry this weekend as … Read more