It All Started When My Husband Lost His Job in South Africa in 1999. – Maria

“Dear Steve, All started in 1999 my husband lost his job and i haven got a permanent job for a year. So i didnt pay any accounts they blacklist me and soon as i start working all the creditors start phoning me i took out loans that i count afford and theirs were everything start …

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How Do I Find a Registered Debt Counsellor in South Africa? – Flo

Flo “Dear Steve, l’m in debt in South Africa and need a debt review. Good day! How do l tell if a company is registered through NCR to practice debt counselling. How do we avoid scams especially on the internet. Flo” Dear Flo, In South Africa the National Credit Regulator (NCR) is responsible for regulating …

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I Live in South Africa and I Have Creditors Calling Me Everyday. – Zandile

Zandile “Dear Steve, I’m in round about R40 000.00 of debt altogether, i only earn nett 6800 p/m. i dont know how to get out of this mess. i’ve got creditors phoning me everday, threats of legal action, summons you name it. pls help me. i really am tired of all this. Is it not …

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