Revitafi Loses Out On Purchasing Arete Financial Freedom Debt Settlement Clients

It appears that a company named Revitafi was temporarily in the running to purchase the settlement clients from Arete Financial Freedom. See the full Arete story here. The Receiver in the case disclosed “Based on Ariana’s information and Revitafi’s lack of candor, we have informed Revitafi we will not be moving forward on their offer.” … Read more

Big Cheer for New Era Debt Solutions

I just discovered that New Era Debt Solutions has just updated their site with a new truth and transparency page. – Source I’m very impressed they have created a page to make it very clear for consumers and site visitors about their performance statistics and most importantly they have placed their client agreement online so … Read more

Interview with Alex Viecco from New Era Debt Solutions on How a Performance Fee Model Can Work

Here is an interview with Alex Viecco from New Era Debt Solutions that I recorded today. Alex talks about why the performance based debt settlement model works well for the long-term and a bunch of other issues that are brewing right now. The story about New Era that I mention can be found here. Alex … Read more

Performance Fee Debt Settlement Company, New Era, Comes Out Shining in Test

New Era Debt Solutions scored some MAJOR points with nationally syndicated columnist Terry Savage in an article published today. Terry says she put New Era, a debt settlement company that collects most fees when the debt actually settles, to the test. By strange coincidence that very same week, I received an e-mail from a man … Read more

I Have $95,000 in Credit Card Debt and Can’t Make the Minimum Payments. – Kevin

Kevin “Dear Steve, I’m presently current on all of my credit card debt (nearly $95,000), but life’s circumstances are making it extremely difficult to pay the minimum payments and I am not making any headway with my debt. I’m considering one of the many debt settlement companies out there and wondering if you know much … Read more

Fourteen Questions to Ask Any Debt Settlement Agency

I came across these questions below on a debt settlement company site, New Era Debt Solutions, and I was really impressed that they were really open and honest about the problems consumers face with debt settlement and what to watch out for. So, with permission, I present to you the Fourteen Questions to Ask Any … Read more