A Bunch of Attorneys Couldn’t Stop Ocwen From Foreclosing on My Home

Question: Dear Steve, Part 1: Reaching out for help July of 2007, I made a loan of seven hundred thousand (interest only) with IndyMac Mortgage Service. I secured the loan with my property which is a duplex. My family and I live in one unit and the other unit rented out. I borrowed this money …

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Can I Accept the Settlement Letter From LCS Financial Services for an Ocwen – Countrywide Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, Received an agreement settlement for a debt on the second mortgage that is in collections. How to know if this letter has enough in order to get the lien release and when I sign and pay, they can not go after the rest of the amount? Elaine Answer: Dear Elaine, On face …

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Interesting Investigative Details About Ocwen

Yesterday the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, that President Trump would like to stamp out, filed suit against Ocwen Financial Corporation and alleged “Ocwen allegedly botched basic functions like sending accurate monthly statements, properly crediting payments, and handling taxes and insurance.” Well it turns out the State of Connecticut had also conducted an investigation into Ocwen …

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