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Can the Creditor Start the Clock on My Debt All Over Again? – Deb

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“Dear Steve, About 7 years ago I went through a nasty divorce. I ended up signing paperwork to just leave with my children and not pursue any compensation from marriage(of 11 years). A few months later, the nightmare began. I didnt realize I also was responsible for debt that had my name on it. I was a single mom, making ... Read More »

    I Just Got a Call From a Debt Collector On a Eight Year Old Debt. – Destiny

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    “Dear Steve, I got a phone call from a collection agency the other day. They told me I owed over $300 on a phone bill from over 8 years ago in Kansas. My husband and I used cash to pay all of our bill back then and I know we paid our phone bill. I never got any kind of ... Read More »

      They Say I Owe Magnolia Hospital a Debt From Twelve Years Ago. – Shelley

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      Shelley “Dear Steve, I received a letter today (6/3/2009) supposedly from an attorney in Mississippi. I live in Tennessee. The letter says that I owe Magnolia Hospital $642.59 from 1/1997. It says that the amount is plus interest. This was 12 1/2 years ago. I was certain that this bill was paid following the birth of my child. I would ... Read More »

        I’m Trying to Clear Up My Husband’s Credit Report With Citibank. – Shelley

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        “Dear Steve, I am trying to clear up my husband’s and my credit. However we have one old debt, CitiBank credit card that is giving me problems. We opened this account when we lived in California so sometime between 1997-2001. I don’t remember when I just remember that we lived in California. We also still lived there when we made ... Read More »

          I Am a Victim of Bank Account Fraud. – Amy

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          “Dear Steve, 23 years old…fraud on bank account (police did nothing about)…college tution I need to get my debt straighten out, i’m really not for sure what all i need to pay. i have no credit cards and own nothing, so how do i find out what i owe and my best option on repaying debt. Amy” Dear Amy, To ... Read More »

            Midland Credit is Trying to Collect an Old Debt. – Tina

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            “Dear Steve, Midland credit trying to collect on an old account that I think is over 6yrs old. Also I live in TN. Since the acct is old how can I find out the details about it? I haven’t heard a thing about this acct is several yrs until today. They clam I owe 9k on a 2k limit cc ... Read More »

              Should I Bother to Payoff Old Debt to Improve My Credit Score? – Kristen

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              “Dear Steve, I have recently started to pay down some of my old debts, but have become somewhat skeptical of how effective this tactic is in regards to improving my credit score. I have heard a wide variety of things from different people. My question is, if the accounts are already in collections and they are old, should they still ... Read More »

                Will I Be Responsible for My Fiancees Debt When We Get Married? – Ken

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                “Dear Steve, My fiancee has an outstanding loan with her ex-husband. When we get married, will I be financially/legally responsible for that loan? Ken”   Dear Ken, No. The only way you would be “responsible” for it would be indirectly. Let’s say she brings this debt into the marriage and for her to be able to pay the debt it ... Read More »

                  An Old Zombie Debt Has Resurfaced. What Should I Do? – Greg

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                  “Dear Steve, I have a zombie debt from 1997 that a company is calling about now. It was from a large retailer and while I’m pretty sure it was paid (Only a couple hundred dollars) I won’t swear to it, it’s just too far back to be sure of. Texas law says soL has ran out (4 yrs). I can ... Read More »

                    I Ran Into a Rough Time and Defaulted on All My Credit Cards. – Scott

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                    “Dear Steve, About 6 years ago I ran into very rough times and defaulted on all of my credit cards. They were all charged off and my credit was ruined. I was too afraid to file for bankruptcy and opted to do nothing (foolish me). At any rate, I was sued by one creditor for $17,000 but the judge denied ... Read More »

                      I Haven’t Paid Any Bills And Don’t Know Where to Start. – Hippy

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                      “Dear Steve, So I haven’t paid any of my outstanding bills for some time now. I know that I owe $5,000 in credit debt and I had hip surgery and a severe car accident in the last two years. I have debt everywhere and have no idea where to start. Where should I start and who do I go to ... Read More »

                        I’m a 37 Year Old Student, Working Part Time and Mother of 4. – Kim

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                        Kim “Dear Steve, Student at 37, working part time and full time mother to 4. I have just graduated with my associates degree and working (making $11 hr.). I have a daughter (14) and custody of 3 neice (8, 11, 12). Now that I am back in the work force I am wanting to start taking care of my old ... Read More »

                          Beware Of Zombie Debt Collectors

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                          Beware Of Zombie Debt Collectors Forbes, NY - 15 minutes ago Read "Debt Consolidation Made Easy" to learn five steps to help you get out of debt faster.) The statute of limitations on debts varies by state, ... Read More »

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