Why Do I Have to Keep Paying on My Student Loan When I Paid It All Back?

Question: Dear Steve, I had a $9,000 student federal loan outstanding when I graduated in 1990. I got my first job shortly after graduation and was earning only 16K. Shortly after I took this job I had received notification that my monthly payments on my loan would be $150 per month. I had already started … Read more

I Heard All My Student Loans Are Forgiven When I Reach 50. Is That True?

“Dear Steve, I finished university in 1993 Having secured a student loan for the three year period. When I graduated I never really had a job that paid a high enough salary to make any repayments on the loan. Now some 20 years later I have been contacted by a debt company requesting payment of … Read more

I Married a Drunk and Selfish Ass Who Never Cared About Debt or My Student Loans. – Tammy

“Dear Steve, I have a 22 year old student loan, it was 1.200 originally. I was married to a drunk and a selfish ass who never cared about debt. who has gotten us into more and more debt .I got rid of him finally now I am filing bankruptcy for all the debts except the … Read more

Collections attempt on a “supposedly” defaulted school loan from 30 years ago

I’m now 59 years old. I took out a relatively small (about $4,500) gov’t insured student loan in the mid-70’s & paid faithfully up to filing bankruptcy in 1982 when I fell on hard times. I believe I still owed about $2,500 at the time of my bankruptcy. I recall bankruptcy attorney said it was … Read more

Will I Become Responsible for My Husband’s Student Loan Debt? – Karen

“Dear Steve, My husband has two student loans from the late 1980’s. This occured prior to our meeting/marriage. The current situation (for the past 10 years) is that I am the sole provider for our family of four children (two teenagers & two almost). We have been contacted by different companies (I don’t know whom) … Read more