Bilkish from Pakistan Wants to Collect My Oman Debt in the UK

“Dear Jon, Recently BILKISH LLc has contacted me from Pakistan that they have been passed on to them non resolved dept from VISA HSBC card from Oman which I took in 2000. Since then I moved to UK and now I am UK national. They keep calling me asking me to settle the account otherwise … Read more

Pakistani Woman Owes Me Money in Dubai. – Nava

“Dear Steve, Hi! I am an Indian, I was running a partnership trading company in Dubai. My partner is from Pakistani (lady). In some situation i found her fraudulent activities in the business, so i suddenly closed my company with certain conditions. And I received a personal cheque from Pakistani partner for withdrawing my shares. … Read more

CRI Debt Collections is Chasing Me in Pakistan for My Debt in the UAE. – Talat

“Dear Steve, Good day & God bless you for doing such a great job and helping the helpless people around the world to educating them to ” Get Out Of Debt ” and making their lives flexible. I am a Pakistani national and having a wife, a son & 4 daughters & had been working … Read more

Debtfree Lifestyle Today Sounds Like a Scam. I Called. Debt Settlement Lead Generator Gets Punked by Them as Well.

Apparently people are getting calls from a company calling itself Debtfree Lifestyle Today. Whoever is behind this has even hijacked the name and reputation of another site and is making allegedly illegal outbound calls promising debt relief. So I Called Them and What I Heard Was Shocking and Laughable. Listen. In researching this story I … Read more