My Elderly Father Now Has Parkinson’s and My Mother Has Never Worked. They Are Broke. – Cindi

“Dear Steve, The question is for my parents who are in debt. They have about $30K in credit card debt. My mother has never worked and is 74. My dad has worked his whole life and is 75. 6 years ago he was laid off and started to work full time in real estate, which … Read more

I’m Taking Mirapex for My Parkinson’s And It’s Made Me Gamble and Compulsively Shop. – Betty

Betty “Dear Steve, I get $729 a month from SS. That is my only income. I have never been so undisciplined in my life as the last 7 years with each year getting worse. I am on mirapex for my Parkinsons and even though I know shopping, and gambling are 2 of the many problems … Read more