PSettlement Promoting Personal Loans Gets CFPB Atention

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) just announced a lawsuit against Performance SLC, Performance Settlement, and CEO Daniel Crenshaw. As part of that suit, the CFPB also had some strong feelings about settlement companies that draw in consumers with hope of getting an unsecured loan and instead wind up pitched a debt-settlement solution. The claims … Read more

Performance SLC and Performance Settlement Target of CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Bureau) today filed a complaint against Performance SLC, LLC (PSLC), a California debt-relief business focused on federal student loan debt; Performance Settlement, LLC (PSettlement), a California debt-settlement company; and Daniel Crenshaw, the owner and CEO of the two companies. The Bureau alleges that PSLC and Crenshaw charged illegal advance fees … Read more

Performance SLC – Consumer Complaint – April 16, 2019

Consumer Statement: I thought my loans will be forgiven and just pay $2,500 for their fee. since i work with equitable acceptance and performance slc the first 2 yrs my monthly bill to fedloan went to $0, after that i need to recertify again but then i need to start paying the fedloan bill now. … Read more

Consumer Complaint – Equitable Acceptance and Performance SLC – October 31, 2018

Consumer Statement: I was given a call by Performance SLC reporting that they could lower my loan payments and help me with the documentation needed. I just graduated with my master’s degree and had been thinking about making payments while in my grace period. The lady over the phone informed me that this would be … Read more