Bilkish is Chasing Me From the Philippines for UAE Debts and I Work in Saudi Arabia

“Dear Jon, I have a debts on credit card in Rak Bank, UAE 6 years ago, I didn’t pay my debts because my employer cancelled my employment to them and I lost my job, now I’m working in Saudi Arabia. This collector from BILKISH Phil. called me and she said that i have to pay … Read more

I Am Now a UK Citizen. Can My Dubai Debt and Bilkish Chase Me?

“Dear Jon, I left Dubai 12 years ago, I am now citizen in Uk – very recently Bilkish from Philippines is harassing me and keep calling my work place, they wouldn’t stop. They are demanding i pay 6000AED to my account in Dubai which i presumed is now close. What can I do to stop … Read more

I Left Debt in Dubai and Now in the Philippines but Headed for a Job in Canada

“Dear Steve, I work in dubai for 3 years from 2004 to 2007, then left due to credit cards and personal loans I cannot pay due to high cost of living in dubai, I’m here in the philippines and applying for a job in canada which luckily got an offer and start to process my … Read more

Moved to Canada from Dubai but Left Debt Behind. Collectors Threatening to Deport Me to Philippines

“Dear Steve, Two (2) years ago I moved here in Canada from Dubai, UAE leaving around AED 85,000 of credit card and personal loan liabilities, which now has an outstanding balance of AED 110,000. I accumulated this amount of credit since I lost my job twice. The first one is for six months and second … Read more

Can I Be Imprisoned Due to Unsettled Credit Card Debts? – Maui

Hi Steve! I’m a single mom of two residing in the Philippines. My problem is with my credit card. Before, I can say that I have enough money to settle my debts. Apparently I resigned from my work due to some reasons. Now though I have work but it’s still not enough to accommodate my … Read more

Desperate in Dubai Over Car Loan With Friend From Philippines

My friend ask me to help him loan a car from our company. we are getting some discount if we purchase car from our company. I helped my friend because he is a good person and trusted as well. He is from India and I am from Philippines. in 2008, we took a car and … Read more

I’m Living in Guam But Have Problems With My Mortgage in the Philippines. – Chi-Chi

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Couple Faces Serious Jail Time For Their $25 Million Nationwide Telemarketing Fraud Scam

Kara Singleton Adams, from Georgia, was found guilty last week on charges of wire fraud, conspiracy, and structuring financial transactions, relating to a $25 million nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme. Already convicted in this scheme are three co-defendants including Adams’ husband, Jason James Eyer, James Adolph Schoenholz, and Brittany Dunphy. All three pleaded guilty to related … Read more

FTC Gives APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules Thumbs Up For Consumer Information Protection

Yesterday, President Obama and representatives from other Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) economies met to discuss consumer cross-border data privacy protection at a meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. The meeting focused on the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules, a new initiative to harmonize safe data sharing across country borders and enhance the protection of consumer data that moves … Read more

Bill Cox Wants to Lend Me International Money When Nobody Else Will. Is He a Scam? – Soozy

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I Own an Internet Cafe in the Philippines and Can’t Pay My Bills. – Noname

Noname “Dear Steve, I live in the Philippines. I have an internet cafe shop business for 3 years now. It is still not in its full operational capacity. I have been getting loans and have accumulated 1million 500 thousand pesos equivalent roughly to $30,000. I want to get out of this situation. Selling the business … Read more