I Took Out a Student Loan for My Stepson. Stepson and Ex-Husband Refuse to Pay It. – Heather

“Dear Steve, Married 7/1998 Divorced 1/2006 Agreed to take out a Parent’s Plus loan for my step son at my ex-husband’s pleading and against my better judgment in 6/2004 with the understanding step son would repay and ex husband’s assurance he would pay if step son didn’t. $12,000, $5,000 has been repaid by step son. … Read more

My Parents Defaulted on My PLUS Loan And Now My Credit Has Been Damaged. – Melissa

“Dear Steve, My parents defaulted on a PLUS loan now my credit has been severely damaged. My parents took out a PLUS loan for my college tuition. It is now defaulted. I can’t figure out why my credit is now severely damaged when the loan is not in my name or social security number. I … Read more

Borderline Abused Ohio State Student Ready to Start Digging Out of Debt. – Debbie

“Dear Steve, I am a student at Ohio State, and I have about a year left to go in school. I am pretty detached from my parents, who were both unfit and borderline abusive as I was growing up. I left home at sixteen to make my own way, and since then I have not … Read more