Ballast Associates Loan Mailer – I Call BS

A reader sent me a mailer for a company called Ballast Associates who is offering a debt consolidation loan. Their website, ballastassociates.com, was registered just 90 days ago at the time of this posting. My, I Buy Junk Mail program turns up some interesting marketing information people are getting. According to the mailer and their …

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Tweed Lending Offer Raises Reasonable Questions

The same reader who sent me this other mailer, also sent me a mailer from Tweed Lending. The other mailer said it was not for a debt consolidation loan while this one actually says it is for a debt consolidation loan. The consumer who received this lives in Virginia. According to the State of Virginia …

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GreenLink Financial Mailers Have Me Searching for Answers

I received two mailers from a reader as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program. These mailers are from GreenLink Financial and a few minutes of some basic looking around got me even more curious. The GreenLink Financial website looks like a personal loan site but I came across this perplexing statement on their …

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