Is Easier Debt and Priority Documents a Scam? – Jimmy

Question: Dear Steve, I stumbled upon your website after signing up with Easier Debt to help with my student loans. I wanted to reach out because of the two pieces you have done on Easier Debt and Priority Documents. Easier Debt claims that once the private student loan defaults, the loan would be sold to … Read more

What Do You Think About Precision Documents for Student Loan Help? – Sandra

Question: Dear Steve, What do you think about a company called Precision Documents, they are supposed to validate a collection debt. Am I wasting money by using them to settle a private student loan, that went from the college to Sallie Mae then to a debt collector? Am I wasting my time and money with … Read more

Can Easier Debt and Priority Documents Really Make My Sallie Mae Student Loan Go Away? – Maddison

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Priority Doc Prep Says They Can Eliminate My Student Loan Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I received a call from Priority Documents, a debt relief company, claiming they can have my private student loans eliminated by letting them default, then requesting validation from the Collection Agency. They then say my credit score will be fixed due to the loan having to be taken off my credit report. … Read more

Should I Be Worried About Claims Made by Priority Documents in San Diego?

Question: Dear Steve, My mom received a letter stating that she is eligible to cut her debt in half and citing a federal bill that mentions tax relief, so she called the company, thinking the plan was a federally approved program. I overheard the conversation and got on the phone with them myself. This company … Read more