Shocking Landmark Ruling on Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharge

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Let’s hope that August 31, 2020, can be remembered as an important day in the fight to break student loan debtors free from the lifelong debt slavery of student loans. The appeal court opinion in a case involving the discharge of Navient private student loans was McDaniel v. Navient. This case involved Navient Tuition Answer …

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My Ex-Husband Sued My Daughter Over a Student Loan

Question: Dear Steve, My ex husband co-signed a private student loan for my daughter through Wells Fargo. The loan was for 1 year of study at FIDM. My daughter was not making the payments. My ex husband who lives in AZ filed court papers against my daughter and received a judgement for almost $50,000.00 (including …

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Do I Have a Good Case for Eliminating My Private Student Loan Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, I am interested in pursuing bankruptcy for my private student loans. While this is usually a futile battle, documentation from the research I have done will make my claim valid. I have $41000 in debt to ACS, and I have $111000 in debt to Navient (Sallie Mae). Only about $30,000 of that …

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I’m Being Sued Over My Private Student Loans in Florida

“Dear Steve, I graduated college in 2006 with an incredible private student loan debt. After working for over a year with the company I simply could not afford their ridiculous payments, I tried everything I could. In the end, the loans went into default and I’m sure were sold several times over since. I have …

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My Private Student Loan Debt is Not Being Eliminated Because of My Disability. – Wayne

“Dear Steve, I am a 62 yr. old male. I am disabled since approximately 1977. Have been on Disability from work and on SSDI forever. I have tried schooling twice, but my disability has kept me from getting and keeping work. I am on limited, fixed income. Some work disability and SSDI. Last schooling I …

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