I’m Looking for Another Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan to Get Out of Debt. – Carroll

“Dear Steve, I was about to sign up for Fast Track Debt Relief, until my aunt told me to do more research, as a result I found your site. I am in debt to the tune of 100K. These are the following debts I have: Student Loans: $50,499.43 Not current because loan was transferred to … Read more

Can You Suggest Another Possible Lender Other Than LendingClub.com? – Buddy

“Dear Steve, Can you suggest another possible lender other than Lending Club? I was under-employed for about a year and my income has bounced back, but I would like to get some credit card debt refinanced. The problem is my credit score is only 619. Thank you. Buddy” Dear Buddy, With a credit score like … Read more