Business Debt Settlement Companies Settle Suits By Lenders

A pair of business funding groups has been hammering business debt settlement companies in court. Yellowstone Capital, EBF Partners, and Everest Business Funding have been filing suits claiming the debt settlement companies have no right to get in their way. According to deBanked, “A group of debt settlement companies and ISOs have entered into a … Read more

What Can You Tell Me About Corporate Debt Rescue or Protection Legal Group?

Question: Dear Steve, I have 3 cash advances that are bringing my company down. Daily payments of over $1000 Are you aware of any bad reviews/info on Corporate Debt Rescue or Protection Legal Group? Chuck Answer: Dear Chuck, Questions like yours are difficult. Here are my posts about Protection Legal Group and Corporate Debt Rescue. … Read more

Am I Getting Scammed by Protection Legal Group? – Michael

Question: Dear Steve, Have one of these weekly payable business advance loans. Signed up with Protection Legal Group to decrease it, sounded legit. Could not find anything on computer. After 2 weeks of payments to them I see your story on them. Am I getting scammed? Michael Answer: Dear Michael, Getting scammed. Now there is … Read more

Forward Financing Makes Life Spicy in Business Debt Restructuring

Legal NewsLine posted a story that caught my eye. The article said, “A fast-growing small business financing company in Boston has filed a federal lawsuit against two debt elimination companies, alleging they are scamming merchants and commercial businesses and, in turn, have damaged the plaintiff company.” It’s an interesting turn of events in the business … Read more