Debt Relief Master Class – “How to Survive, Thrive & Arrive in the New Debt Relief World”

Following up on the enormous success of the Rally in Raleigh I held for members of the debt relief industry, this time I’m rolling out an even more extensive class for debt relief companies to help them find a way forward in a compliant way with help and advice from inside the industry and from … Read more

Rally in Raleigh 2010 – Video of Session on How to Deal With State Regulators With Lynne Weaver, Assistant Attorney General, NC

Below you will find a video from our Rally in Raleigh meeting in North Carolina on November 13, 2010. Lynne Weaver from the North Carolina Attorney General office joined us to discuss why debt relief companies appear on the radar of regulators, how to best deal with regulators, how to work with regulators, what companies … Read more

Rally in Raleigh 2010 – Video of Session on the Telemarketing Sales Rule With Allison Brown, FTC

On November 13, 2010 we held the Rally in Raleigh, a meeting of debt relief professionals. At the meting we talked about a number of issues. Below you will find the video of the 3:00 p.m. session with Allison Brown from the Federal Trade Commission. The agenda: 10:00 – 10:30 Welcome and Who’s Here. 10:30 … Read more

The Rally in Raleigh November, 2010. Aftermath.

This past weekend my first ever Rally in Raleigh was held in order to bring together members of the debt relief industry to try to engage in a conversation on how to make the debt relief industry a safer and better place for consumers. Alex Viecco from New Era Debt Solutions offering some feedback as … Read more

Do You Have a Burning Question for Debt Relief Providers? This is the Time to Ask It.

This coming Saturday (November 13, 2010) I am holding a meeting of debt relief professionals from all over the country. The meeting will be videotaped and made available online later. This is your best opportunity to get straight answers from the debt relief community to your questions or concerns. The purpose to to have a … Read more

The Rally in Raleigh. Nov 13, 2010. A Group Conversation About Restoring Truth to Debt Relief.

ATTENTION: Meeting is Fully Booked. No More Space Available. Ever since I first became involved in debt relief in 1994 I always wanted to find a group of people, like myself, that had the consumer in mind and wanted to do things the best way possible. I’ve attended credit counseling trade meetings and conventions and … Read more