My Reaffirmed Mortgage Shows on My Credit Report as in Bankruptcy

“Dear Steve, My house was not included in my bankruptcy, but my mortgage lender is reporting it as “included in bankruptcy”. I filed bankruptcy (ch 7) in 2008. I signed a reaffirmation with my mortgage lender, but my credit reports remain messed up. 1 agency has no info of a mortgage, 1 shows my balance … Read more

I Reaffirmed My Second Mortgage and Then Got Foreclosed On. – Rosalie

“Dear Steve, I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009. At the time I was in a modification plan for my first mortgage. The Bank stopped the modification process due to bankruptcy and said they would only modify after bankruptcy. I sincerely wanted to keep my property, so I signed a reaffirmation agreement for the 2nd … Read more

I Paying Debt Discharged in My Bankruptcy. Will My Creditors Update My Credit Report? – Joanne

“Dear Lewis, Filed Ch 7, received discharge a few months ago. Stated my intent to keep my house/car but found out everything was discharged. In the meantime, I am faithfully paying some dischargees (mortgage, car loan, dental loan, etc.). Just wondering if you got my question a few days ago, re: how to get Ch … Read more

I Reaffirmed my Second Mortgage in My Bankruptcy But Now We Can’t Pay It. – Pamela

“Dear Lewis, My bankruptcy was discharged two years ago. My first mortage was included in my case, but I reaffirmed on my second mortgage. (the lender requested that we did). I think that we are going to walk away from our house. It is so under water. what will happen with my second mortgage? I … Read more