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I’m 22 and Need to Fix My Credit So I Can Buy a Car

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“Dear Steve, I am 22 years old. I have never had any help with my family with any money growing up. I graduated High School in 2009 and started out with a couple credit cards. Bank of America for School books and Best Buy for a laptop. I also had a car payment that my sister had underneath her credit ... Read More »

    My Past Credit is Dragging Down My Credit Score. I Want to Buy a House.

    "Credit rating" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

    “Dear Steve, I went through a bad health crisis several years ago (2005-2007/2008) at which time I was in and out of hospitals for periods of up to 15-30 days at a time, on disability and struggling to keep all the bills straight and paid, especially all the different Dr. and medical bills that kept rolling in. Needless to say, ... Read More »

      I Have Bad Credit But Settled Some Debts. How Fast Will My Credit Score Go Up? – Lorraine

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      “Dear Steve, Bad credit score (595), and have a lot of accounts in collections. But I have paid them off for less than the full amount. The past week I’ve been on a debt relief spree and I managed to take care of 3 of my biggest accounts that were in collections. BUT I settled all of them for less ... Read More »

        How Can I Build My Credit With No Job? – Maria

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        “Dear Steve, I just got my residency and would like to know how to start building my credit. I don’t work so I have no idea if lenders are going to give me any credit cards and my husband has bad credit that we need to fix too. How can I build my credit with no job? Maria” Dear Maria, ... Read More »

          How Do I Go About Getting My Credit Score Back Up? – CH

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          CH “Dear Steve, I have a bad credit score from some late pays on my home from a couple of years ago and one report said that one was a missed payment? Also there is a no pay on one other collection. Since than I have a good paying job and I can’t get a loan. I need to know ... Read More »

            I’m Not Paying My Bills But Need to Rebuild My Credit. – John

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            “Dear Steve, I am currently past due and do not pay payments on my debt. I am aprox. $2500 in debt from two credit cards, a loan, and debt thats being collected from another source from sprint. I have not planned on paying any of these but i need to build credit and fix this. What is the appropriate way ... Read More »

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