Common Recession Fears

Even when the economy is booming, individuals can feel uncertain about their finances. During recessions, those uncertainties can escalate into fears about losing one’s job, losing one’s home, losing one’s savings or investments. In early 2020, unprecedented measures to halt the Covid-19 pandemic slowed business activity worldwide. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) announced … Read more

Americans Cruising Towards Financial Nightmare but Nobody Who Needs This Article Will Read It

I’ve been involved in helping people with money troubles since 1994. Over the years I’ve seen all sorts of different economic times. I’ve watched boom-bust cycles repeat over and over. And I’ve watched people make the same mistakes over and over. Watching a pattern unfold and being able to read the tea leaves is interesting … Read more

News None of Us Want to Hear – Experts Say Recession is Coming. Buckle Up Financially.

I really try to be a facts guy. Making decisions based on data is better than just emotion. And while consumer confidence is up and things feel like the Trump agenda is keeping unemployment low and the future rosy, experts are issuing warnings. The experts could be completely wrong but unless someone has a guaranteed … Read more

Would it Be Better For Banks to Lend With More Care or Lend With Abandon?

I was reading It’s Official: You Can’t Blame Banks For Not Lending Anymore and the statement was made: There’s also the possibility that, while there is less of a demand for new debt, banks are also on the brink of tightening lending standards again, worried about new capital requirements from the Fed and Basel III. … Read more

Complaints About Bill Collectors Rocket as Debt Collectors Get Tough

A story by CNN today makes my article on How to Hide From Debt Collection, the Debt Collector and Creditors even more timely. After several years in which Americans were buying stuff on credit they couldn’t afford, a rapidly increasing number are complaining about getting harassed and abused by bill collectors. Nearly 71,000 people filed … Read more

Thirty Five Years Latter And Been There Before

The Elkhart Project that MSNBC is working on managed to resurrect some news stories from 1973 and I just watched them. It is frighteningly uncanny how they mirror the messages that we are all dealing with today on getting by, job loss, foreclosure, and repossession. A good reminder that while times feel grim right now, … Read more

The Elkhart Project – Putting Faces on Debt

I saw a tweet from @newmediajim about an interesting project between MSNBC and The Elkhart Truth. These two news organizations are going to provide long-term coverage on the city of Elkhart, Ind. to provide perspective on the national recession. It is a great idea and another interesting media sharing project to help media outlets share … Read more