We Moved for a Great Job But My Husband Became Ill. – Seree

“Dear Steve, We recently moved for my husband to get this great new job. Was not a great new job–My husband began to have physical illnesses due to the stress and he is a strong man. The the great new boss changed his job…all of the sudden we were making half the money. I began … Read more

My Debt Problems Keep Me Awake at Night. – Michael

Michael “Dear Steve, I was divorced in 2007. Part of our settlement was that I take all the marital credit card debt. This totals about $20,000. I agreed to this because my retierment was untouched. Shortly afterwards I was transfered to another part of the country and my salary reduced 20%. I have a mortgage … Read more

We Are About to Lose Our Home and My Husband Won’t Talk to Me About It. – Jeanette

Jeanette “Dear Steve, We are about to lose our home $10,000 in the hole my husband has not talked to me i just found out in the mail he takes care of the bills he lost his self employment is now working for someone else I know this is a big change for him a … Read more

I’m Self-Employed, Sinking in Debt, and Considering Bankruptcy, Again. – Aletheia

Aletheia “Dear Steve, I’m self-employed and my earnings so far this year are about a third of what they were last year. with some scrambling for new clients, the situation is improving, as far as i can tell. but my debt load is too high. i’ve stopped using credit cards, and i’ve arranged for a … Read more

I Owned My Own Construction Business and I’m Afraid We Are Going to Lose Our Home. – Mike

“Dear Steve, I used to own my own construction business during which time I built a new home for me and my family. Everything went downhill so fast that we lost our old home to foreclosure because it wouldn’t sell and I was making payments on the construction loan for the new house while my … Read more

I Never Would Have Thought That Winning Money Could Be Such a Burden On Me. – Jane

“Dear Steve, I have been reading your advice for awhile. You give wonderful advice. I am in extreme debt..75,000 and had a hugh loss of income when I lost my job. Although thankfully I am employed again, the income is far less then I had. Therefore I am unable to pay my debts. I finally … Read more

Our Mortgage Went Up and We Are Going Down. – Tami

“Dear Steve, My husband works a sales job that is 100% commission. I am at home with our small children. From 2008 to 2009 he took a 100k loss in salary. We purchased a new home in 2008 when we were making plenty of money to afford it. Knowing that the economy was going to … Read more

James the Police Officer Calls in For Help to Avoid a Repo – Get Out of Debt Podcast

Here is the latest Get Out of Debt show podcast. Do You Have a Question You Want to Ask? If you have a credit or debt question you’d like to ask call 919-321-2378. Leave your first name and question and I’m happy to help you totally for free. Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, … Read more

Should We Put the House in My Husbands Name So He Can Go Bankrupt On It? – Barbara

Barbara “Dear Steve, I bought my home in 1999 and have two mortgages. The 2nd mortgage was in 2005 for home improvements. I was married a year ago and my husband and I were both laid off, he is Dec. 08 and I in March 09. Currently the 2nd mortgage is headed for foreclosure, the … Read more

We Have Always Paid Our Bills On Time And I Don’t Want My Daughter to Suffer Now That We’ve Got Problems. – Kim

Kim “Dear Steve, We have always paid our bills on time. We own our house. We are 85,000 in credit card debit. Both of our salaries have been cut. We have 2 kids and one of them rides horses. We pay about 800 a month on that and I can’t take that away from her. … Read more

What if I Just Stop Paying My Credit Cards in Texas. – Steve

“Dear Steve, I currently have around $65K in credit card debt. Some of it is from paying of my auto loans, 13K, with balance transfers in order to lower monthly payments. The bulk of it was from 4-6 years ago, when My wife and I both had a 25% reduction in pay for over 2 … Read more