I Want to Discharge My Bankruptcy and Reaffirm My Mortgage. – Jacquelyn

“Dear Lewis, I filed a chapter 13 in 2008 when I was 4300. behind in my mortgage payments it was put in there and I continued to pay my mortgage, it is current except for the payments put in the chapter 13. I want to convert to a chapter 7 to be dismissed in the …

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Refinancing My House After Bankruptcy. Who Can I Go With? – Jacquelyn

“Dear Andy, I am converting from chapter 13 to chapter 7 I am affirming my house but have 4300.00 in behind payments that I need help with. Is there any company that will refinance my house coming out of chapter 7? Jacquelyn” Jacquelyn, It will be very difficult if not impossible to find a lender …

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