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I’m Trying to Refinance My Car Payment But I’ve Got a Lot of Late Pays. – Venkata

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“Dear Steve, I got a score of 686 in credit karma. I often made late payments for many months for my car loan as I am lost in my work. Later I automated the payments before due date. I bought Hyundai Elantra 2012 in Aug 2012. My APR is 5.9% . I wanted to refinace the car with lower APR ... Read More »

    I Need to Refinance My Really High Car Payment. – Kevin

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    Kevin “Dear Steve, Started a New Job with Signifigatly lower pay. Need to refinance high car payment to more affordable payment. Are there many options to refinancing a vehicle I’ve had for about 2 years to get a lower payment when I owe almost double the value for it? Kevin”   Dear Kevin, While there are options for refinancing a ... Read More »

      How Can I Refinance My Car With Bad Credit? – Erik

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      “Dear Steve, My situation revolves around my car loan. I got my loan back in July 2006, and the interest rate was high, understandably because I had bad credit. Now two and a half years later, it seems that it still is horrible, because NO ONE will refinance me. I tried (I googled my problem, saw you recommended it ... Read More »

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