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You Won’t Believe This Student Loan Forgiveness Insanity. Mobile Homes Exploding, and Rich Folks Living Month-to-Month

Get Out of Debt Guy Podcast

You will not believe the craziness the Department of Education is undertaking to forgive student loans for many while punishing the folks that are in the most financial need. In today’s podcast, I talk about how insane this is. If you owe Parent PLUS loans, you can forget about reasonable forgiveness of student loan debt. …

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Expect Rent to Increase Dramatically

Will the Navient Student Loan Settlement Eliminate My Parent Plus Loans?

New information out about housing in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Housing Survey gives us a current snapshot of rent and renters. More than 35 percent of renters have been renting for ten years or more. Many people let outside of homeownership and real estate asset-building cycles. The issues that have caused people …

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Tenant Screening Firm Failed to Produce Accurate Background Reports

A California-based company that provides background reports to property management companies will pay $4.25 million as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations the firm failed to follow reasonable procedures to ensure the accuracy of its reports about potential tenants. In a complaint filed by the Department of Justice on behalf …

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Prosecutor Fired for Speaking Out Against Jail Time for People Who Fall Behind on Rent

An Arkansas prosecutor has been fired after speaking out against the state’s criminal eviction statute in an October ProPublica story. Garland County deputy prosecutor Josh Drake was let go from his position on Oct. 31 by Michelle Lawrence, the prosecuting attorney. Arkansas is the only state where landlords can file criminal charges rather than civil …

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When Falling Behind on Rent Leads to Jail Time

It was bad enough when Jazmon Allen lost her waitressing job in March at a Hot Springs, Arkansas, barbecue restaurant during statewide closures meant to curb the pandemic. Then after she fell behind on her rent came the shock that only happens to tenants in Arkansas: In May, her landlord filed a criminal complaint for …

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Sharing Expenses with Roommates

Living with roommates can be both a blessing and a struggle. After all, teaming up with a roommate could mean a bigger apartment with a little more space. If you’re lucky, roommates can sometimes even turn into built-in friends—people who will be there for you at 3 am when you need to cry on the …

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She Was Sued Over Rent She Didn’t Owe. It Took Seven Court Dates to Prove She Was Right.

In August 2018, Chermire Gladden sat on the dark wooden benches in Maryland District Court, waiting her turn as a judge churned through more than 90 cases filed against public housing residents. Gladden had informed the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis two months earlier that she wouldn’t be able to afford the $604 …

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