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My Car Was Repossessed, My Wages are Garnished and I’m Not Sure if Bankruptcy is Right for Me. – Nancy

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“Dear Steve, I have gotten myself into some serious financial problems. While I know that mine is not as bad as some I am behind on every bill and my car was repossessed last night. I am a single mother to 3 girls and I yes I do have a full time job. My husband passed away in 2003 so ... Read More »

    My Car Was Repossessed. Should I Just Let Them Sell It? – Astrid

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    “Dear Steve, I recently had my car repo . Now they are charging me these crazy fees to get it back . I actually made the payment but my online banking payed it to my old car loan for my previous vehicle i was never notified my payment wasnt recieved. My payment was for two months worth. Im dont know ... Read More »

      I Made My Truck Payment But They Repoed My Truck Anyway. – Susan

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      “Dear Steve, I made a truck payment a month late. My truck payment is usually do on the 7th of every month. I made December’s payment on January 10th, called and gave my reference number to the finance company. They said they were going to try there best to fax the cancellation of repo order, but it may be done ... Read More »

        Crescent Bank and Trust Repossessed My Car. – Yolanda

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        “Dear Steve, My vehicle was repossessed by Crescent Bank and Trust which is a second chance bank. I was never notified by the bank that my vehicle was going to be repossessed. Is it required for the bank to contact me by mail or phone before taking my vehicle in the state of Texas? I moved from my prior residence ... Read More »

          They Took My Truck After I Made My Payment. – Tee

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          “Dear Steve, My truck was reposed on 11/27 from my finance company the repo man had a paper in his hand saying the repo was issued to him on the 11/7/ and my payment was made 11/06/ I even showed the guy my bank statement where it was taken out…. I called the company this morning and they advised me ... Read More »

            Unemployed Mother of 3. Just Had My Car Repossessed. What Are My Options? – Anne

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            I’m a mother of 2 soon to be 3 and been unemployed since last year July. My husband works contract jobs and has been out of contract for 2 months.The car loan was in my name only and it’s the only debt I have. We don’t have another car and are currently stranded because our city barely has a bus ... Read More »

              My Car Was Repossessed and the Lender Said I Could Get It Back. They’ve Changed Their Mind. – Tammy

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              My car was repossessed the lender verbally told me I have ten days to come up with my past due amount and I can have my car back, I came up with the money now the lender isn’t holding up there end of it. Can they do that after I gave them the money they told me to pay them?..” ... Read More »

                My Car Was Repossessed. Can I Get It Back if I File for Bankruptcy? – David

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                “Dear Steve, I have a card which I owe $4,600 on. They garnished my bank account which had nothing back in April. I called them in April and told the collector I would be claiming bankruptcy by August as I came up with the $800-1200 for a lawyer. My car was seized today which was co-signed by my mother and ... Read More »

                  Does the Car Lender Have a Right to Reposes My Car After I Made a Payment Through MoneyGram? – Abby

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                  “Dear Steve, I have been known to be late on car payments, but I do always make them, I made my payment this am, through an automatic moneygram deal, and they repossessed my car that day. Did they have legal right to take it, after accepting my payment? and what do the fees to “redeem” cover, is it a penalty, ... Read More »

                    My friend left the country and left a repossesed car behind. What risks would I take if I drive it?

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                    My friend had to leave the country and left his car behind…I keep it in my garage (different address from him) and drive it back and forth to work, from garage to garage. It is already being looked to be repossesed by the car dealership (for lack of payments for a few months). Does police get involved in this issue ... Read More »

                      Should I Include Repossessed Truck in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Jessca

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                      I am going to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy next week because I had a car repossessed and they auctioned it for much less than I owed. I have since financed another vehicle. I am up to date on the payments and can now afford to keep them up to date. My question is whether to include it in the ... Read More »

                        How soon can I get a mortgage after paying off a repo? – Samantha

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                        My car was repossessed in June 2010 and auctioned for less than the loan amount shortly after. So the account appears on my credit reports as a charge-off and delinquent for the deficiency amount. I would really like ti buy a home so six months ago I started working to repair my credit (which also had an old cellphone bill ... Read More »

                          Girlfriend Just Had Our Baby and My Car Got Repossessed. – Steve

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                          “Dear Steve, Situation * my girl friend just had our child she was out of work and i am in deep financial hole. car got repossessed due back payments. i would like to file for bankruptcy but i did not file my tax return for last year ,because i knew i was going to owe. can i still file it ... Read More »

                            Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation Repossessed My Car. – Tammy

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                            “Dear Steve, I got out of the Army in the beginning of March. In May, after I realized I couldn’t keep up with a $600 a month car loan, I contacted Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation and asked if there was a way to get lower payments. I explained my situation to them and also informed them I am living off ... Read More »

                              I Made a Partial Car Payment But They Repossessed the Car Anyway. – Denise

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                              “Dear Steve, I made a partial car payment and I called the car company and told them the rest of the payment was in the mail and on it’s way a few days later they came and reposed it so they have my money and the car Now they want me to pay for the repo I think they are ... Read More »

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