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I Never Got a Notice Before My Motorcycle Was Repossessed. – Ken

“Dear Michael, My motorcycle was repossessed and they never sent a notice of dispositon as required by Georgia law. I also requested an explanation of disposition within 14 days as required by law and never received it either. Spoke with Vice Pres. of finance company and he stated that even though the law states no deficiency, there is still a ... Read More »

    My Husband Recently Passed Away And I’m Trying to Do Better But a Co-Signed Repossession is Holding Me Back. – Becky

    “Dear Jeremy, I am a single mom and had an ex husband that I share three girls with, he recently passed away and my girls were left his money, life insurance, ATV’s, his vehicle, and all of this had to be put in my name because they are underage. During the time that he was sick, he was unable to ... Read More »

      I Made a Payment And The Bank Took My Car and Sold It. – Mary

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      “Dear Steve, I hope you can help. About 2 yrs. ago my car was repossed by the bank i had made a 1/2 payment the teller said it was ok . the next day my car was gone? They auctioned off my car and sent me a huge bill ? the car was half paid off.I obtained a attorney in ... Read More »

        When I Was in the Air Force I Bought a Vehicle That Got Repossessed. – Diana

        “Dear Damon, I purchased a vehicle in FL while I was PSCing to SD for the Air Force. A year later (2005) it was repossessed due to me being unable to make the increased payments that they imposed. The last contact I had with them was in October of 2005. I was just served with papers in April 2011, which ... Read More »

          Wells Fargo Repossess And Tries to Sell Car Woman Owned Outright

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          Mistakes happen. But in this case Wells Fargo apparently made a doozie. A Tacoma Washington woman had her totally paid off car repossessed and taken to the auction house for sale. Now we all know that kind of thing happens when you fail to make your payments but in this case the woman had the clear title to her car ... Read More »

            I Am Filing Bankruptcy But My Attorney is Waiting For Stuff From Me. – Brent

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            Brent “Dear Steve, I consulted an attorney 2 months ago about bankruptcy and retained them to proceed with the process. I have only 2 more item to give the attorny before they proceed. I have fallen behind on my car payment and they repoed it yesterday. I am wanting and needing the car back very bad, as I am fixing ... Read More »

              I Purchased a Car With My Ex-Husband That I Can’t Afford Anymore. – Yvonne

              Ready to Collapse

              Yvonne “Dear Steve, I had purchased a vehicle 3 years ago with my now ex-husband at the time he was going to help me with payments which were 265.00 per month and to this day are still the same and I still owe 8400 on a vehicle that is only worth 4000. I can’t make the monthly payments anymore. I ... Read More »

                I Recently Separated From My Husband but Don’t Make Enough Money. – Nea

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                “Dear Steve, Im recently seperated from my husband . I only make enough money to cover bare basic needs. My mort right now is 820.00, my car note is 320.00 and My car insurance is about 120.00 Im currently in the process of home loan Modification.. which will lower my interest rate by 1.5% . I received paper work from ... Read More »

                  When You Can’t Make Your Vehicle Payments

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                  If you find yourself unable to make your vehicle payments, you’ll want to act quickly. In most states, if you miss a payment, whether you have bought or leased the vehicle, the lender has the right to repossess it almost immediately. Here are some strategies to consider when your vehicle payments become too much, including what to do if it ... Read More »

                    Will My Car Get Repossessed Since I No Longer Have Steady Work? – Cindy

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, I own my own business. With the economy I no longer have steady work. I can’t affored to make my auto loan payment. I have my auto up for sale. I can’t make the payment & I can’t sell it. What rights do I have? The lender refuses to work w/ me to refinance my loan for a ... Read More »

                      Repo Men Recovering Cars On The Fly With High Speed Cameras

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                      Some amazing new technology out lets the repo companies snag repos on the fly without having to do it the old fashioned way of hunting the car down. New technology by MVTRAC allows repo vehicles to read license plates of cars parked or passing them. When the system goes “ch-ching” the driver knows they have a car to pick up. ... Read More »

                        Nildo Has Moved Back in With Parents And Wants to Save His Car From Repossession

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                        Nildo “Dear Steve, Because of a job change, that pays only commission I got myself into this mess. Now I have to move back into my parents home and lose my car. It pays good commission but I have had 3 bad month and now I don’t know what to do How do I get out of this mess and ... Read More »

                          The Repo Man Took My Car for HSBC Bank. – Nesie

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                          Nesie “Dear Steve, My car was repossessed by HSBC Bank on Tuesday, March 17. I am four months past due which includes the month of March (monthly payment is 538.70). I cannot afford a payment of $538.70 because: share rent is $525.00, monthly gas/toll is $240.00, groceries $200, insurance $250, IRS payment plan $100. My net monthly income is approximately ... Read More »

                            I Work at a Car Dealership and Think My Truck Will Have to be Repossessed. – Kristi

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                            Kristi “Dear Steve, I bought a truck 3 years ago on 5 year loan. Since, my husband and I have moved out of state where I began working for a car dealership. We then purchased a truck for him with my employee discount. The owners of the dealership were then forced to sell the business, and I was hired by ... Read More »

                              I Recently Became Late on Several of My Bills Including Two Car Loans. – David

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                              “Dear Steve, I recently became late on several of my bills including two car loans. I maxed out a credit card to cover me when my wife become unemployed and pregnant. She has been unable to gain employment since then. I purchase a 2009 Dodge Caravan several months ago and now may have to relinquish it to the lien holder ... Read More »

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