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Retiring Military With Big Debt. Should I Cash Out My IRA to Protect My Security Clearance? – Tim

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I am a retiring military officer with about 3200 in post tax income for retirement. This is enought to pay my mortgage and put food on the table. I also have a mass mutual whole life annuity for 250000 and my retirement check will have survivors benefit of half current payment. I am 40k in credit card debt, ... Read More »

    I’m Retired Military. What’s the Best Way Out of My Debt Mess? – Brian

    Ready to Collapse

    I retired from the Military after 26 years. Got a job, but at about 40 percent of what I was making. After draining the savings because It took me 5 months to find work. I have 2 major problems: 1) 65,000 credit card debit costing me 2200 month in minimum payments. We are coming up about 500 month short on ... Read More »

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