Could Revitafi and Sean Roberts Have Tried Harder to Draw Attention to Themselves?

Recently I wrote about the Receiver update on the seizure of Arete Financial Freedom. In that post, I said the Receiver had been shopping the Arete settlement clients to find a new buyer. The Receiver said, “While Revitafi made an all-cash offer of $1,250,000, which I accepted in principle, Arete Defendants’ counsel later claimed that …

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Revitafi Loses Out On Purchasing Arete Financial Freedom Debt Settlement Clients

It appears that a company named Revitafi was temporarily in the running to purchase the settlement clients from Arete Financial Freedom. See the full Arete story here. The Receiver in the case disclosed “Based on Ariana’s information and Revitafi’s lack of candor, we have informed Revitafi we will not be moving forward on their offer.” …

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