Is Suicide My Only Option to Get Out of Debt? – Raj

“Dear Steve, I’m in deep trouble and the only option left for me is Suicide. I just can’t think of anything to overcome the hassle I created by myself. Im so stupid that I trusted someone wholeheartedly broke me into pieces. I came to USA in 2009 on a F1 student visa , borrowed money …

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How To Tackle Global Fraud Pandemic: Share And Care

In Australia police are saying that 76 percent of e-mail investment scam victims continue to send money even after police warn them that they’re being deceived. The most common e-mail frauds and scams are those that request money to unlock a promised inheritance payment or to reap rewards from a business opportunity. One of the …

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I Am a Recently Divorced Woman That Has Been Taken By a Con Man. – Cheryl

“Dear Steve, I am a 53 yr. old female. Recently divorced. I have no job right now, but after hooking up with a “conman” , I have maxed out my credit cards. I owe just over 18,000 on two. The “conman” has promised to help, however, he has began to cut off communications with me. …

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