I’ve Been in Debt to Rome Finance Company and BlueHippo.com since 2002. – Travis

“Dear Steve, Your article and some other news I have been reading recently brought to my attention that Rome Finance Company (now Colfax Capital) was sued by two states for defrauding soldiers and also that the government started the ROAM database because of the cases brought against them and other companies like them. I have …

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SmartBuy, Frisco Marketing, Integrity Financial, MilitaryZone and Rome Finance Company All Accused of Scamming Soldiers

New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today filed a lawsuit against three nationwide lenders and their affiliated companies for preying on members of the military by selling them grossly overpriced electronics and then trapping them in illegal and open-ended credit plans. Attorney General Cuomo has also notified Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of …

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