Roni Deutch, the “Tax Lady” Closes Firm in Face of Jail Time

Roni Deutch, the tax lawyers who we’ve seen advertising on television for years, has decided to surrender her law license and close her tax practice. She is claiming she is totally broke in the face of the charges filed against her for ripping off consumers with fees for services never delivered. A Sacramento Superior Court … Read more

California Attorney General Ask Court to Toss “Tax Lady” and Lawyer Roni Deutch in Jail

In a case that has continued across a change in Attorneys General, the current California Attorney General Kamala Harris has asked a California court to put Roni Deutch in jail for shredding millions of pages of documents that would probably have come in very handy in the lawsuit by California against the Tax Lady. Deutch … Read more

Former IRS Agent Tells Tax Debt Relief Services May be Dangerous to Consumers

photo © 2007 paul stumpr | more info (via: Wylio)Jim Buttonow, a CPA and former IRS Agent has released information about why the very premise of selling tax relief services for an advance fee is something consumers should be protected from. Below you will find submitted comments to the Federal Trade Commission regarding the selling … Read more

Roni Deutch, the Tax Lady, Ordered to Stop Accepting Fees From Consumers

Roni Deutch, the lawyer who sells a national tax relief service, is expected to be ordered by California judge that she can no longer accept fees from consumers until further notice. This stems from a suit filed by the State of California in their “Heartless Scam” action. The Sacramento Bee is reporting: In a tentative … Read more

Roni Deutch Tax Relief – Debt Relief Television Commercial

Commercial Name: Roni Deutch Tax Relief Record Date: 11-8-2010 Network/Channel: Retro TV Description: 1-800-516-8079. Overwhelmed by IRS tax debt. Don’t lose another nights sleep. Includes client testimonials. Promoting business and individual tax relief help. [quicktime]https://getoutofdebt.org//member/video/RoniDeutch-20101108.mov[/quicktime] The debt relief commercial above is presented only as an example and archive of debt relief marketing and NOT AS … Read more

Roni Deutch, the Tax Lady who was Getting Into Debt Settlement, Sued for “Heartless Scam”

I recently wrote about Roni Deutch’s company that mentioned they were getting into debt settlement, here. That’s how she appeared on my radar. But new news about Deutch is out today. SACRAMENTO – Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today filed a $34 million lawsuit against television’s “Tax Lady Roni Deutch” for orchestrating a “heartless … Read more

Roni Deutch Tax Centers Now Selling Debt Settlement Services

According to a recent statement from the Roni Deutch Tax Center, one of the Franchise Times top fastest growing franchise companies, they are now into selling debt settlement services. The press release says: In addition to their exceptional tax preparation services, Roni Deutch Tax Center locations have attracted entrepreneurs because they boast a number of … Read more