Should I Go With National Advocacy Group?

Question: Dear Steve, I have over $100K in credit card debt all so far are paid as agreed. Have been out of work for some time and had to assist out of state elderly parent with a series of health issues over the last two years. I am very close to selecting the National Advocacy … Read more

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Accused of Orchestrating Conspiracy by Safeguard

According to court documents, a former Legal Helpers Debt Resolution marketer is none too happy with either Legal Helpers Debt Resolution or Nationwide Referral Services. The following information is alleged or stated in court documents filed in Federal court on September 8, 2011. Safeguard Support Services (“Safeguard”) is located in Florida and was a branch … Read more

I Fell for the Safeguard Financial Scam. How Do I Get My Money Back From NoteWorld? – Barbb

“Dear Damon, I fell for the Safeguard Financial scam, found it was a scam through Steve’s site. I called my bank to cancel the Noteworld debit withdrawals, and will receive a refund of what they had left in my acount. Am wondering what else I should do. I am willing to sacrifice the thousand or … Read more

Safeguard Financial – Backstroke. Don’t Call Us, Call Them.

A consumer who had enrolled in a debt settlement plan with Safeguard Financial sent me the current company number and asked me to listen to the message. It sure sounds like they are trying to swim away from all the consumers they sold into a debt settlement program. Listen to Safeguard-18885259898 It also appears the … Read more

Signed Up With Safeguard Financial, Getting Sued, FBL Associates Wants Me to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. – Rich

I signed up for debt settlement in May 2009 for two credit cards. One was for $3,200 the other $12,500. This was done through Safegaurd Financial. I received civil action papers for the $3,200 for a court date in April for $4,500. The other credit card I have not heard anything. FBL Associates has contacted … Read more

My Friend Was Contacted By Safeguard Financial. What Do You Think of Them? – Kenneth

“Dear Steve, Credit rating was very good for a time and my friend received numerous offers for credit cards (at low introductory rates), which he accepted and now he is over extended. I do not know the exact amount he owes, but he has been contacted by Safeguard Financial to reduce his monthly payments and … Read more