I Suffer From Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Disorder and Have Debt

Question: Dear Steve, I finally sucked it up and declared bankruptcy in 2012, but that opened the doors of hell since I did it with a paralegal and I lived in a few different states so people started reaching out to me saying I owed this in that. Fast forward to 2014, I tried to … Read more

My Business Failed and I’m a Disabled Veteran

Question: Dear Steve, We bought an existing business – a gym- with an SBA loan. Even though we grew the membership from 80 to 430 within 2 years, the overhead and servicing the loans were crushing us. Enter the $10 per month gym chains and we had no other option than to sell the gym … Read more

I Want to Avoid Bankruptcy for Fear of a Background Check? – Monse

My business failed after 17 years. I Will not bore you with the details. This was my family main source of income. I guaranteed all business loans for the business including two SBA loans. I have just received a Summons from AMEX for one of the accounts, expecting several others to follow, as I am … Read more

Would We Be Better Off Not Paying Advanta? – Michelle

“Dear Steve, We own our own business and have about $75,000 in credit card debt. The interest rates are at 29.99% We have called every single company and they all refuse to lower the interest rates. AND, as we pay them down, they lower the available balance, so even if we continue to pay them … Read more