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Attorney General Gansler Warns Consumers About Medicare Scam Simple advice: Never give out personal information to someone you don’t know

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Maryland consumers should be on the lookout for the latest scam that seeks to steal personal information over the phone by using the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Federal Health Care Reform) as a ploy. “If someone claiming to be from the government calls and asks for your personal information, just hang up,” said Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler. ... Read More »

    Attorney General Gansler Warns Consumers About New Utility Scam Don’t be a victim: “Obama administration grant” to pay utility bills is a hoax

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    Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler is warning Maryland consumers not to be fooled by a new utility scam claiming to provide a federal government grant that will pay off utility bills. “Consumers should never give up their hard-earned money until verifying the legitimacy of an offer – no matter how enticing it may seem,” said Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler. ... Read More »

      National Lottery UK Email – Scam Alert

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      The following information appears as a scam warning for consumers to avoid. The email below is going out in an effort to extract advanced fees from unsuspecting consumers who falsely believe they have won a lottery. It is a scam. From: National Lottery uk Subject: Congratulations!! Reply-To: National Lottery uk Tuesday 10th April, 2012 Saturday, April 7th, 2012 Lottery Result ... Read More »

        Michael Smith, The Fund Manager of Fidelity Investment International – Scam Alert

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        The following information appears as a scam warning for consumers to avoid. The following email below is being sent to consumers in an effort to obtain money from them. The email is a fraud. I contacted the company and Peter Yandle, a spokesperson for Fidelity Worldwide Investments said, “Thank you for forwarding to me the scam email that you received ... Read More »

          Fake CNBC Site Fools Consumers Into Giving Up Information for Breakout Incomes

          Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 11.55.48 AM

          A reader sent me in a website to look at It looks like the fake news sites are back up and running in an effort to fool consumers into giving up personal information for yet another sales pitch. This time the site is a total CNBC fake scam site. The site looks legit enough but it’s not CNBC, it is ... Read More »

            Foreclosure rescue scam claims LaPorte County victim

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            Consumers in a financial pinch trying to keep up on their mortgage payments should not fall prey to unsolicited mortgage rescue offers, according to Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller. A LaPorte County man fell victim to a foreclosure rescue scam before he realized no work had been done to lower his interest rate and his $1,790 up front payment was ... Read More »

              OK I’ll Say It, Debt Menders is a Total Scam But You’ve Got to See This

              Screen Shot 2011-12-21 at 9.00.09 AM

              The Debt Menders site promises to clear your debt today, offers guaranteed credit repair, and will lower your payments instantly. You probably know the general type of site I’m describing already if you’ve been on the internet for at least ten minutes searching for debt help. But this site is definitely different from all the rest. You see it’s a ... Read More »

                Sands Tourism Sent Me Two Scratch Off Tickets and Say I’m a Winner. Is This a Scam? – Luena

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                “Dear Steve, I received an envelope thru my post office box, front of the envelope no name only our mailing address which is PO. Box etc… as I open this envelope it was promotional brochure from sandstourism on their 9th anniversary and there is a 2 scratch and win promo ticket which I scratch the first one it said “thank ... Read More »

                  The BBB Warns Of Possible E-Book Scams

                  According to the American Association of Publishers e-book sales are growing exponentially. Between the months of January and August of 2011 e-book sales increased 144.4 percent to $649.2 million. In February the sale of e-books actually overcrowded the sale of paperback books. Since e-books are expected to be a popular holiday gift item the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has naturally ... Read More »

                    BOLO – Watch Out for Scam Email from Allen and Violet Large

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                    Be On The Lookout for This Scam Email A reader forward the following email. It is a scam. Don’t get caught in the scam and most certainly, do not send any information in response to such an email. The Scam Email From: avioletlarge@hotmail.com Subject: Mail From Allen & Violet Large Date: [xxx] Nov 2011 Good Day To You, This is ... Read More »

                      Secret Shopper Gets Duped. Spends Two Nights in Jail. Don’t Let This Happen to You.

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                      I’m amazed that there never seems to be a shortage of scams. You would think that eventually crooks would either run out of ideas or people would become more educated in what is going on around them. How many times do you have to be warned before touching a flame that you’ll get burned? It seems some people still have ... Read More »

                        msnbcnewsonchan14.com – Scam Alert

                        The following information appears as a scam warning for consumers to avoid. Steve Notes The msnbcnewsonchan14.com website is a spam site that uses false testimonials and statements to try to sell some opportunity. Similar website have been used to push other products or services. As an example, see this story about QuiBids. The Pitch Spam emails are being sent out ... Read More »

                          The Scam Detector Application Available Now

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                          On June 14, 2011 the iPhone application “The Scam Detector” became available in the Apple AppStore. This application exposes over 350 of the most popular scams in the world and give advice on how one can protect themselves from these listed scams and scams-alike. The application was developed by the producers of the 419: the Nigerian Scam short film and ... Read More »

                            Delta Discount Travel Fax – Stay Away

                            Travel Fax Scam

                            Here is a spam fax going around that you should stay away from. While the fax is not about debt it can result in problem debt from being scammed. The fax says you should call 877-807-7608 for a 6 day and 5 night vacation for $199 per person. The unsolicited fax even uses the Delta Airlines logo. Consumers online report ... Read More »

                              Is 4Ginfinity.com Yet Another Get Rich Quick Money Making Ponzi Scheme or Pyramid Scam?


                              A recent comment on a previous post of mine directed me to 4ginfinity.com, “The Next Generation Straight-Line.” Frankly, my opinion is that people need to avoid money game programs like this. It appears to be nothing more than a naked pyramid scheme. The site offers a buried statement that it is not a get rich quick program. The site header ... Read More »

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