Should Student Loan Debt Be Forgiven When Colleges Close?

As reported by Bloomberg, 763 colleges and schools closed last year–the highest number since 2012, when more than 900 schools were closed. In fact, since 1984, more than 13,000 post-secondary schools have shut down, including more than 300 foreign schools. And all these institutions–including the foreign institutions–were beneficiaries of the federal student aid program at … Read more

I Went to Kartherine Gibbs School and They Suddenly Closed. How Can I Repay My Student Loan? – Christina

“Dear Steve, In 2006 I made a loan with Sallie Mae to go to Kartherine Gibbs School in Norristown, PA. Around April 2007 my father got very ill and I had to discontinue with my education to help my father. My father’s wish was to die in his native land, so we packed up and … Read more

Drowning in student loan debt. What Can I Do? – Laurie

I’m completely lost and don’t know where to turn. When I started college, I went to the first and only school I applied for. An Art Trade school (that later closed down). I was young and stupid and didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice except for the “experts” of the school, who totally … Read more

My medical assisting school closed. Do I still owe the student loan? – Melissa

I attended a career training program at a accredited school. The program was for medical assisting and was 14,000.00. I chose this particular program because if you need time off you are elegible to go beck. A few years ago.I tried and someone bought out program. Not only did my credits not count, I will … Read more