I Owe the School So Much Money They Won’t Let Me Back In

Question: Dear Steve, My family went through rough times back when everyone was being laid off. We lost our house and I ended up with only one parent and my brother after all was said and done. I graduated high school and continued to attend college even though all of what I earned went completely … Read more

Things Happened and I Can’t Afford to Pay My School to Get Back In

Question: Dear Steve, MY STORY: I’ll start from the beginning. I’m double majoring in Computer Engineering and Science, and last semester I participated in the IEEE South East Conference. We did pretty well even though the entire conference was unimpressive. Well I devoted so much time into my chapter’s robot that I slacked with a … Read more

I’m a Single Mother. How Can I Get Out of This Debt and Get Ahead in Life? – Shauna

“Dear Steve, Hi, Steve! My name is Shauna and I am a 22 year old single mother attending a community college and living at home with my mother and three other siblings in a 3 bedroom apartment. A lot, right? Well, the thing is that I used to attend an university but was kicked out … Read more

I Just Graduated From Nursing School Without a Diploma. How Do I Get a Job? – Noname

“Dear Steve, I just graduated from Nursing school and I owe the school $40,000 (not student loans). They were nice enough to allow me enroll in classes so I can graduate but now I do not have a transcript or diploma. I would like to pay back the debt as soon as I get a … Read more

Recently Divorced Mother of Three Has Credit Card, Medical and School Debt. – Gail

“Dear Steve, Recently divorced mother of 3. I still have a great deal of credit card, medical and school debt. I am only working part time and would really like to begin making some type of payments to my creditors no matter how small until my emploument situation emproves. Should I contact each of my … Read more