“They’ve Asked Me To Take a Pay Reduction. What Do You Think?”

Question: Dear Steve, I am 47, divorced, 2 teenagers, work full time as a radiological technologist at a privately owned company out of the state. The doctors’ group that read our films owns our building. After my divorce, I filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. I reinstated my van, rent a townhouse in mid-lease. I have …

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We’ve Gone From Doing Well to Barely Getting By. – Michelle

Michelle “Dear Steve, For several years, my husband was doing very well for himself as a contractor and I have had a very stable government job. We began building a life for ourselves…bought a house, two “new” used cars, established some savings, and did not worry about money. As the economy slumped, so did my …

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Lourdes Writes In “What Should I Do to Get Out of Debt?”

“Dear Steve, I’m in debt really heavy from credit cards and other loans. What should I do to get out of debt. Lourdes” Dearest Lourdes, Wow, I really want to help you with some great advice and awesome guidance but gee-whiz a little more information would be really helpful. Maybe next time you write in …

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