Supreme Court Makes Determination About CFPB But Seila Law Not Out of the Woods Yet

After all these years I can’t believe we are still dealing with the impact of Morgan Drexen in the debt relief industry. “Clients from Morgan Drexen were then shifted to Howard Law and/or Williamson & Howard. An asset freeze was put in place against those firms and/or attorneys and those attorneys were ordered to pay … Read more

I Want to Join in Lawsuit Against Lexington Law

Question: Dear Steve, Looking for someone to help me with the lawsuit against Lexington law I’m a client I heard through the grapevine that they are getting sued for in practices. My name is [X] I chosen Lexington law to help me with my credit score seems like I heard through the grapevine that they … Read more

What Should I Tell My Sister About Morgan Drexen, Williamson & Howard, and Seila Law?

Question: Dear Steve, My sister, who lives in Florida, is having financial troubles and I just started researching her situation. – She started “debt consolidation” with Morgan Drexen a couple of years ago. – They had an affiliation with William Gwaltney, a FL law firm. – At some point, she was switched to Williamson & … Read more

Aissac Aiono and Seila Law Deny CFPB Claim They Should Be Held Responsible

In the ongoing saga that is the Morgan Drexen mess, a new attorney was recently dragged into the quagmire. Aissac Aiono, operating as Seila Law was alleged to have taken over debt settlement clients and efforts for the chain that began with Morgan Drexen, passed through Howard Law, and now is purported to have landed … Read more

I’m Now Thinking Debt Settlement Attorney Aissac Aiono Must be Either a Liar or an Idiot

Frankly I’m just ashamed and disgusted by revelations in recent court documents filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in the case against Morgan Drexen which then sucked in attorneys continuing the illegal advance fee debt settlement enterprise. One of those participants actually threatened to sue me when I first wrote about the activity. … Read more

Seila Law – Williamson & Howard – Debt Settlement Strangers?

The court battles drag on in the ex-Morgan Drexen case that subsequently involved successor law firms and attorneys. Specifically, Vincent Howard, Howard Law, Lawrence Williamson, Williamson & Howard, and the Williamson Law Firm are still battling the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB thinks these people should be held in contempt and pay monetary … Read more

Aissac Aiono Opens New Law Office – Seila Law

Aissac Aiono, who was previously associated with the Williamson Law Firm that was allegedly providing services or support for Morgan Drexen and/or Howard Law, has opened a new law office in Kansas City, Missouri. In this solo practice Mr. Aiono says he is providing assistance with personal injury, medical malpractice, consumer debt defense, child custory, … Read more