What a Debt Relief Boiler Room Looks Like and The Pitches Surrounding Telemarketing

Here are some videos of boiler room telemarketing sales operations. While the first video is not specifically about debt relief programs it gives you a good idea of what a telemarketing sales environment is all about, the sale. Debt settlement sales, a home based business. “This is an easy sale!”

Debt Settlement More Popular Since Obama Passed The Credit Card Act or How to Make Stuff Up to Sell Debt Settlement

Here is a video of a guy that is selling debt settlement services that includes ESP software. [flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/DebtCollectorAffiliates.flv /] His initial assertion is that debt settlement is a new solution that has emerged in the last year and a half. The video is a classic example of what consumers are being told about why … Read more

Credit-Advisors.com Review

Address: No street address given on site. Red Flag. Registered corporate address is: 1399 Shotgun Rd Sunrise, FL 33326 Website: Credit-Advisors.com Description: “…business opportunity for people wanting to get into the debt settlement industry.” – Source At Credit Advisors, we understand the importance of getting the proper debt advice. The search for the best debt … Read more

Debt Settlement Lies & Inside How Debt Settlement Services Are Sold

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Michael Bovee from Consumer Recovery Network and I asked him if he would be honest enough or brave enough to openly share some of the marketing secrets of debt settlement services today. Here is what he was willing to share and you will see it is a very … Read more