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I’m Separated From Husband. Can We Each File Bankruptcy and Each Keep One of Our Homes?

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We are separated and not living together and i do not know how everything is going to go long term. Here is my question and thank you. My husband and I are separated but not divorced yet I live in one of our houses and he lives in another house we own. Well now he can not make it and ... Read More »

    Recently Separated and Trying to Pay My Bills. Faye

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    “Dear Steve, I have become recently separated from my husband, in which I was left excess debt. I have a home in my only, car payment, credit card debts, student loans and paying off a recent bathroom remodel. I borrowed money from my sister to help pay down some credit cards, but had to use them to stay afloat. My ... Read More »

      I’m a Mother of Two, Working Part-Time and Separated. How Do I Get Out of Debt? – Melissa

      “Dear Damon, I’m a mother of 2, working part-time and separated with my children’s father 2 years ago. During the separation the purchases that we made together, I was left to pay by myself. I managed to bring it down to $36k, but am left with no $ at the end. I do not recieve any $ from him, but ... Read More »

        My Wife and I Just Separated and Now I Can’t Afford to Make Ends Meet. – Gary

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        “Dear Steve, Up until about 6 months ago life was good and there wasn’t any problems, my how life can change in a heartbeat. My wife and I had alway more than adequate income for our expenses but a seperation has left me with more debt than I can handle in just a blink of an eye. Right now I ... Read More »

          My Husband Left Me Yesterday. How Am I Going to Get By? – Wanda

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          I live in Salem Va and my husband left me yesterday we were just married May 28 this year I fell down the stairs at my apartment where I live tore my acl and injured my back he use to give me 300 dollars a month for his rent and utilities when my short term exhausted three weeks ago I ... Read More »

            Can I Be Sued for My Husband’s Debts? – Linda

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            My husband and I have legally been seperated for three years; May of 2010 my husband rented a tool from home depot in my name, yet he signed for it. Home depot has been harassing me for payment, I explained to them I never rented such a tool. I requested that they review the video of the transaction so I ... Read More »

              Debt and Separation. – Darlene

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              Been separated for over 1 year, before i found out he was cheating and spending loads of money that he didn’t have, I had incorporated all his debt into the mortgage on our house , I only had 3000.00 left to pay on the house. The house is in my name only, as he did not want his name on ... Read More »

                My Husband and I Are Separated And I Want to Go Bankrupt in Louisiana. – Patsy

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                My husband and I have been separated for a month and I have alot of credit card debt in only my name. When my husband found out my situation he immediately separted our bank accounts and told he wasn’t going to help me pay my debt off. Even though it was used when he was out of work to help ... Read More »

                  I Recently Separated From My Husband but Don’t Make Enough Money. – Nea

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                  “Dear Steve, Im recently seperated from my husband . I only make enough money to cover bare basic needs. My mort right now is 820.00, my car note is 320.00 and My car insurance is about 120.00 Im currently in the process of home loan Modification.. which will lower my interest rate by 1.5% . I received paper work from ... Read More »

                    I’m Married, Separated, and Facing a Wage Garnishment. – Lynde

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                    Lynde “Dear Steve, Married, but separated, mother of 2 children (7 & 4). Multiple debts in collections, including a signature loan and husband’s repossessed truck. Both of which is in both of our names. I’m not receiving any child support as I am unable to locate husband. I have been contacted by the creditor of our signature loan. The payment ... Read More »

                      My Husband and I are Separated and Filing for Bankruptcy. – Alice

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                      “Dear Steve, My husband and I are separated and filed for bankruptcy. We live in Pennsylvania. Our wages will be garnished and a trustee will handle the money. Our mortgage, car payments and the amount of the repayment plan will be garnished from our wages The attorney has requested that it be split 50/50. My question is, would my husband ... Read More »

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