We’ve Been Unemployed and Run Up Debt But I Just Got a Big IRS Refund Check. – JMS

“Dear Steve, Mutiple layoffs for both my husband and I over the past 3yrs. He was laid off 2x and I 1time. Also have 3homes. Actually have good credit and have not missed any payments.. now the tough part.. 😀 We just received the tax return from heaven ( didn’t expect it to be this …

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Debt Settlement Companies in for a World of Hurt in the U.S.

Debt settlement companies in the United States had better brace for some interesting times, and not good times for them. The Attorney General of New York recently issued subpoenas to fourteen debt settlement companies, not in an interest to learn more about them, but to give him the evidence he need to close down the …

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Debt Settlement Companies. Prepare to Get Slaughtered.

The debt settlement industry is exploding. Some say that many of these new companies are being run by failed mortgage brokers that want to get into the business. I don’t know about that but certainly there is a wave of opportunism evidenced by the exploding debt settlement industry. The sad thing about this is that …

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